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While you are at Salón Amevec Occidente, make the most of your visit to Jalisco and get to know more about the State that hosts this great event. 


About Jalisco


Festivals & fairs

A key asset of tourism in Jalisco is cultural activities, festivals and celebrations that frame and give life and identity to each municipality, some have been held for hundreds of years while others have slowly gained prestige and have become festivities with popular support.

History & culture

Among vestiges of archaic presences, with the testimony of ancient estate properties and beautiful architecture of other times, Jalisco lives its history, taking in each event another chapter in it’s life, that have made it transcend through the centuries.


Tradition is a word that in Jalisco is pure law; State life is decorated with its rich traditions; with lots of daredevil horsemanship or the beauty of the skirmish; with mariachi music and agave jima, the birthplace of tequila; with their parties, their believes and customs.


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