About Mexico City

Mexico City is the political center of the country and the most important pole of innovation and generation of economic, cultural, gastronomic and social wealth.

It is one of the metropolis which has the best connectivity with the world, either external or internal. The Mexico City airport can connect you quickly with your destination; additionally, it has an excellent infrastructure of hotel services, quality and attention for all budgets.

The Gastronomic offer provides more than 35,000 restaurants of all styles and levels, which have turned it into the most recommendable city to eat over the world and the fourth city with the best gastronomy.

It is the second city of the world with more museums, architectural treasure, magic and traditional neighborhoods, archaeological sites, which are world heritage sites and make this destination completely different. History, culture, location, infrastructure, weather, kindness of people and the excellent gastronomy are some of the main attractions which make Mexico City a one-of-a kind unique place to meet.


Cultural, art and modernity contrast... That’s one of the biggest cities of the world… We are waiting for you!!!



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